Saying Goodbye

goodbye-quotes-goodbye-statusSo welcome back to my blog and this will be my last blog so I wanted to say what I learned when I was blogging.

So first of all my writing skills and how fast I write on a computer went up like at the beginning of the year my typing skills weren`t as good as now so I used to finish my assignment later than others. But now I guess I could say that I caught up and even went ahead than some bloggers. With my improved writing skills I know more words so my post have a lot of originality in them since I write big words like… with kind regards or authentic words like that. Continue reading


22319When I was younger I used to play board games like Monopoly, Sorry, and checkers. I used to play checkers with my grandparents and sorry with them also. But since it’s the 21st century a lot of kids my age don’t play a lot of board games. But I guess I can’t blame them I also play video games but they’re usually more in the path of world 2 or tanks like for example call of duty world at war or tanki and world of tanks. But when I go to my grandparents’ house I can`t really play video games unless you`re talking about pong…. But so instead, I play some old board games like monopoly, sorry, chess and checkers. Continue reading

‘Work Hard In Silence, Let Your Success Be Your Noise’

Success Ideas Teamwork Plans Signpost Shows Business Plans And Organization

Hello fellow readers and welcome back to my blog and today I’ll be talking about success.

So first of all what success means to me is when you’re a successful person means you’re either wealthy or successful in a different way. After I asked Preston Online he thinks it means achieving your goals. But after a long look in the dictionary it said that success is the attainment of wealth, position, honors or the like. So I guess I was close enough I also found out that the origin of success is Latin cool right? Continue reading

The Supper Table by Mary Pratt


Mary Pratt Supper Table‘yum’ I said taking another bite of my juicy hotdog.

My family and I were having a delicious supper, not even a feats more like it. My brother just graduated from his college and we were all celebrating it by eating some hamburgers, some hot dogs, some chips, some baby back ribs with drinks to wash it all down. It was hot summer day in California the wind was slightly breezing through the little saplings we have in our front yard. Continue reading

Who Will win ?

2016-04-01-1459488050-1567099-bvsWelcome back to my blog and today I’ll be talking about batman VS Superman… Caution may contain spoilers for people who haven’t yet watched it yet.

So Batman VS Superman were not always rivals until all kinds of incidents happen so when the huge fight ends Batman is the winner because he has a kriptonite spear in hand and his foot to Superman’s throat. Luckily Lois lane comes in to save Superman’s life after Superman says something about his mom Martha , this is where it gets complicated Batman’s mother is also named Martha. Continue reading

Places You Should Absolutely Go To | Challenge 4

photo1jpgHello fellow readers today I’m going to be talking about three cool places to go if you just moved here from a faraway place for example china. Let’s begin.

So my first place that I would go to is Bromont water slide because I don’t think most of you knew about me is that I used to live near Bromont and every summer my family and I would go to Bromont water slide and I love every ride except for the ride where you get blown out of an elephants trunk because it’s small and dark and my number on fear is claustraphobia which means I’m scared of small Continue reading